About Us

Fenstermann LLC was founded on November 20, 2002 in San Diego California by Ingo Scholz and is specialized in Windows, Doors and Window Treatments Made in Germany.

After graduating from the Ratsgymnasium in Minden, (www.ratsgymnasium.de ), Ingo continued his education (1988 to 1991) in printing and marketing at Ornamin GmbH  (www.ornamin.de) and earned a financial degree later in his career (1992 to 1996). In 1997 he finally joined Schueco International ( www.schueco.com  ) the European market leader in windows and doors. There he learned (almost) everything about windows and doors Made in Germany.

After visiting San Diego for 3 months for a language education in 2003, he saw the need for high end quality windows and doors and Fenstermann was born. Since then, he opened up showrooms and/or dealer ships in San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Fort Lauderdale FL and New York NJ and his projects have been featured in magazines and newspapers.

Fenstermann is a member of ASID, GSDBA, LGBT, German American Chamber of Commerce and German American Societies of San Diego. We are also a founding member of the Passive House Alliance, San Diego – a chapter that I dedicated to minimize the CO2 footprint in the world.

In 2011 Fenstermann was granted the registered trademark for the USA, Mexico and Canada.

2012 began a new era for Fenstermann – to be able to supply the growing demand for custom made Pivot Doors, Entrance Doors and Interior Doors, we opened a new division: San Diego Pivot Doors.

San Diego Pivot Doors is specialized in pivoting entrance doors and interior doors from wood or aluminum.
Every door is fully custom made to clients specifications ( www.SanDiegoPivotDoors.com ).

Thank you very much for your time —