Historical Windows

Houses and buildings in Germany and Europe are often built for a lifetime and many are 100, 200 or even more years old.

Due to their historic value and importance, many of these buildings are protected by the Gaerman or European Government, or even the UNESCO with their world heritage conservation projects. However, these houses need a thorough maintenance which also includes the historical windows and doors. The new windows (always from solid wood) have to be IDENTICAL in design, shape and dimension as the old ones but upgraded to the standards of today.

Fenstermann has mastered this challenge with 2 of its manufacturers from Germany, that were involved in the reconstruction and rebuilt of the Zwinger in Dresden, the Kempinsky Hotel Adlon at the Brandenburger Gate in Berlin and the Financial Court House for the state of Saxony in Leipzig. Beginning 2013, we are offering these unique "old" windows and doors in the US!!!

Enjoy our portefolio of residential homes in Germany and get started with your own ideas about your dream home.

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