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Grab The Ultimate Process Involved In Honeycomb Shades
February 2, 2021
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Fenstermann LLC

Most clients come to us because they encounter a problem after they got new windows: the old shades don’t fit anymore, and new ones are too big and bulky for an inside mount installation.

About Fenstermann LLC

My name is Ingo Scholz and I am the CEO and owner of Fenstermann Window Fashion. We specialize in all styles of Window Fashion Made in Germany and bring new and exciting fabrics to the Canadian market. We are best known for our narrow blinds and shades that install to a shallow depth of only ½ inch.

We received the Houzz Design Award and Houzz Service Award for our work and products for several years now. I founded Fenstermann in 2003 in San Diego, California because I wanted to bring a new approach to window fashion. I was tired of the limited options in fabrics and colors and the bulky shades or blinds that didn’t match the beauty of a home.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are some of the most attractive and effective window treatment options on the market. For starters, they create a natural, warm feeling in any room they are installed in. Add to that their availability in a wide variety of styles, stains, colors, sizes, and even materials, and it’s clear why they have become a favorite of homeowners and interior decorators alike.

Pleated Blinds

Minimalistic pleated blinds are only 7/8 inches in depth and operate bottom-up top-down. You can manage privacy and light in limitless positions just by moving the horizontal bar. Over 400 fabrics in translucent and blackout make it easy to find the perfect match for any room. This German patented system has no pull strings or endless chains because child safety is our #1 priority.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, also called cellular blinds, create a sophisticated atmosphere in any room. These light-filtering or light-blocking shades are only 1 inch in depth and are operated by moving the horizontal aluminum bars up and down. The tension cord runs inside the honeycomb cells and there are no visible holes – perfect for black-out shades.

Fenstermann Window Fashion Made in Germany is known for its narrow depth blinds and shades. Fenstermann has won the Houzz Award 8 times!

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