Shades For Tilt and Turn Windows


Our mission is to provide clients with top quality blinds and shades that are highly functional, smart and beautiful.

Why our Blinds and Shades?

The bottom-up top-down blinds and shades are made for European style Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors.

They install directly to the operating sash and travel with it. Our blinds and shades are only 1 inch in depth and pass by easily behind the window handle.

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For Wood Windows

Inside mount, directly to the window sash is the only installation option for tilt and turn windows - all other installation will limit or block the window operation.

Shades and blinds can be installed to wood windows as permanent inside mount, with glue strips to the glass or with brackets to the sash.

For Wood Aluminum Clad Windows

Wood with Aluminum Clad windows and doors require the same installation as wood windows and doors.

We offer our installation hardware in white, grey, black and bronze to accommodate the uniqueness of wood.

The horizontal aluminum rails are available in standard and custom RAL-color finishes.

For uPVC / Vinyl Windows

The inside mount installation to a uPVC / vinyl window is a breeze. With our “Wonder Bracket” the shades install with no tools needed in no time.

4 additional installation options are available - all for an inside mount installation to work with the unique opening feature of the windows and doors.

For Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows and doors create the biggest challenge when it comes to the installation, because you do not want to drill into the aluminum frame.

We offer 3 drill-free installation options that install the blinds and shades as inside mount to your windows and doors. Different hardware colors accommodate different aluminum finishes.

For Folding Doors

Our bottom-up top-down blinds and shades install directly to each folding door panel and open with them.

They are so shallow that there is no interference with the hardware or frames. Four small mounting pieces install the shade as an inside mount installation to each panel and keep the shade in place when opening or closing the door.

Installation Options Part One

Permanent Inside Mount

Installs directly to the glass bead.

Perfect for uPVC and wood windows

Might void manufacturer Warranty

Drill-free Inside Mount

Perfect for uPVC and wood and aluminum windows

No tools needed

Works only with operable units

Glue Plate Inside Mount

Installs directly to the glass bead.

Perfect for uPVC / vinyl windows

No tools needed

Installation Options Part Two

Adhesive Glue Strip

Installs directly to the glass

Perfect for uPVC , aluminum and wood windows

Not suitable for windows with grids

Glass Bead Bracket

Perfect for uPVC and wood windows

Perfect for windows with grids

Permanent outside mount installation

Might void manufacturer warranty

Clamp Bracket

Perfect for uPVC, aluminum and wood windows.

Works with operable sash only

Non-permanent outside mount installation

E-mails and Reviews

5 Star Rating on Houzz, Google and Yelp

Slide We are happy with the shades that we just got and would like to place another order.

-Lainie and Dave Smith, Portland, OR
Slide German engineering...cannot beat it.

-John Covington, Nashville, TN
Slide I am so ecstatic about my window blinds. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are such a smart design. The installation was a breeze.

-Barbara Masuga, Grand Rapid, MI
Slide The window shades are unique. They look great, are very functional and fit perfectly in a huge variety of old window frames.

-Scott Karlan, Beverly Hills, CA
Slide We are VERY happy with the blinds from Fenstermann. They all fit and look totally beautiful.

-Carol Munson, Portland, OR
Slide Ingo was super helpful in the selection of blinds and their colors. He responded very quickly and thoroughly to all our inquiries. The product was delivered as promised and was of perfect quality. Installation was as easy as the video tutorials suggested. We are very pleased customers of Fenstermann LLC.

-Martin Buescher, Ontario, Canada
Slide Thanks so much Ingo. We love our new shades.

-Michelle and Dave Martin, Lake City, CO


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