What Others Say

Barbara Masuga

Grand Rapids

I'm so ecstatic about my window blinds. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are such a smart design. The installation was a breeze.

Chris and Jessica Pirrone

Santa Barbara

I love my shades. Thank you for an enjoyable experience and all your guidance and support.

John Covington


German engineering...cannot beat it.

Yaya Pareira

San Jose

Ingo and his team of designers built our front door and we are extremely happy. The front door is the most talked about feature in the home. We had a very tough deadline and Ingo had no problem meeting it. He was very pleasant to deal with and got us through a very stressful process. We are happy that we chose Ingo

David Chotan

President of Chotan Inc., New York City

Our clients are very happy with the performance of Fenstermann products. We are thrilled with the results.

Margit Riss

La Jolla

I love my doors, I love my screens and I love my bottom-up / top-down shades. Thank you!

Matt and Susanne Thompson

San Diego

Over two years later, our windows, doors and window treatments look great and work great. We are committed customers to Fenstermann and highly recommend them.

Lainie and Dave Smith


We are happy with the shades that we just got and would like to place another order.

Monique and Robert Charatan

Portland OR (online order of pleated blinds)

Hey Fenstermann, ist alles super angekommen. Jetzt hab ich Spass beim anbauen. Danke und viele Gruesse. Hey Fenstermann, everything arrived perfect. Now I am having fun with the installation. Thank you and many regards.

Michele Koutsoftas

We needed blinds for our tilt and turn windows which are wonderful but leave very little clearance up top for a traditional window blind, not to mention being able to open the window with a traditional blind attached. We needed something narrow that would hopefully attach to the window frame itself. We found Fenstermann blinds through an online search for tilt and turn window blind solutions and emailed their representative (Ingo) in our area. Through email correspondence, Ingo knew about our type of windows and more importantly, knew which product would best suit our needs. He sent multiple sample to our home for the Fenstermann narrow depth blinds that would open bottom up and top down, not only for us but for our neighbor who also had the same tilt and turn windows. After making our color decisions, we met with Ingo to order the pleated window blinds. He went over the installation process in depth with us and told us we would have our blinds in a few weeks, which we did. Installation was stalled about 6 months because of redecorating and by the time we were ready to install the blinds, we were not 100% sure we remembered the installation instructions given to us months prior. We decided to get a hold of Ingo to see if he remembered us for a quick installation refresh. Not only did Ingo answer our call on a Sunday, he spent time with us through a video chat to make sure we understood his directions. This customer service is invaluable, and rarely heard of. Because these blinds fit so well, addressed our needs, and were easy to install, there are numerous other residents in our condo building that are also interested in purchasing them. Thank-you very much for making a well-priced, high quality product that fits our needs. Nick & Michele Koutsoftas Redington Shores, Florida


We bought German-made window shades from Fenstermann for three rooms in our newly-built house in Austin, TX. The product and service were outstanding. A helpful local representative came to our house and showed us many samples. She took accurate measurements and placed the order. These shades are one of the few choices for those with narrow jams who want an interior mount installation. The product quality is excellent. We like them even more than we thought we would. Recommended without hesitation.

Nancy Schultz

Excellent customer service. Ingo is fabulous to work with. I've looked everywhere for inside mount blinds that could fit my windows that have a very shallow depth. These blinds are a perfect fit and top quality too. I plan to use them for my whole house.

Brian Swan

Fast services and the binds we ordered were perfect. They were a bit pricy but the quality is excellent and totally worth it. We're planning on placing and order for some more very soon!

Jennifer Rissland

We ordered 10 shades for our new windows in our dormer and we couldn’t be happier. We needed thin brackets and blinds that would provide privacy without taking away from the trim/ molding. Ingo was very helpful in answering all of our questions and providing us with fabric and bracket samples. We are so happy with the outcome and the price. I would highly recommend this company.

Jon Rutledge

After completing an extensive renovation project, we realized no space was left between our master bedroom closet door and the Juliette balcony doors that was required to fully open the closet doors and access the internal drawers...So the search was on for the smallest profile (minimal depth) window covering solution available. The nice solar shades we had installed on all the other windows would not work as they would extend more than the 3/4" space we had to work with. We were not happy with using window decals or film as we wanted to enjoy the views for most of the day, but still required privacy at times due to foot traffic and adjacent properties. I was fortunate to find a very elegant solution with Fenstermann blinds. These blinds have a very narrow depth allowing us to fully open the closet doors and look beautiful. As a bonus, they can be lifted up and/or down to allow the ultimate flexibility, and installation was very non-invasive. If you need an innovative or attractive blind solution, I highly recommend Fenstermann and their amazing customer service.

Scott Karlan

These window shades are unique. They look great, are very functional and fit perfectly in a huge variety of old window frames.

M Halteh

The windows in our living room & dining room have shallow depth openings. This left few choices of window coverings that wouldn't protrude awkwardly into the rooms. We are really fortunate to have found Ingo at Fenstermann. He suggested a solution for the 1" depth restriction: honeycomb blinds. These have no string holes in the blind & give a clean, modern look. They do a great job of camouflaging our unattractive windows while still letting in tons of light & maintaining privacy. They make such a difference & we get frequent compliments on these. Ingo guided us through measuring, which was confusing because our windows have beveled trim work. They were pretty straight-forward to install. We would definitely purchase these again & recommend the exceptional, personalized service from Ingo.

Richard Benner

We purchased Fenstermann window shades in our townhouse. The shades themselves were just right for our application: we can screen portions the windows we want. I had watched installation of the shades by professionals at neighboring units in our courtyard co-housing project; I anticipated we would hire similar professionals. Ingo of Fenstermann, however, told us we could do it ourselves. He sent us materials and a video. It seemed possible to do it, but I didn't have full confidence. Because I would be installing on very expensive imported tripe-pane windows and doors, I hesitated, Ingo said he would coach us as I did the work, over the phone. And so he did. The installation was successful. We are completely satisfied. We would recommend the company without reservations.

Brad Depies

My experience was perfect. I was having a hard time finding shades for the tilt and turn windows that I installed in our house until I heard of Fenstermann. Their service was fast and courteous and I will use them again when I need more shades.

Phil Schroeder

We had a wonderful experience working with Fenstermann! The entire process with smooth and easy. They are the only company that has a blind that fits our Anderson Casement Windows.

Alex Chaney

It is hard to find blinds for tilt-and-turn windows. After seeing a product in the US from another vendor, I was skeptical that Fenstermann's product would fit my Zola Windows. I emailed some pictures and specific questions to Ingo at Fenstermann, but didn't get a response. My wife and I didn't find any other options for blinds on tilt-and-turn windows, so she followed up with a phone call. We placed an order and after about a month the blinds arrived. We were disappointed to find that two blinds were the wrong size for the window (off by about half a meter). We called Ingo and he promised a good price on replacement blinds of the correct size. We waited a month, as expected from the initial order. Then we called and he told us it was just an oversight on his part, that he would resubmit the order right away. Well it has been another month and no blinds have arrived or any information from Ingo. I was not impressed with the service, and I think I've been lied to twice about the follow up order. I can't recommend Fensterman, but I have no idea who else to go to for blinds on tilt-and-turn European windows.

Sabine Suessmann

Finally got German windows installed. Moved from Germany more than 20 years ago and wanted them ever since. Awesome quality windows and great service from the installers. Had stucco done separately and stucco guys complimented preparation work done by Fenstermann. Clean and precise all around. Thank you, Fenstermann!

CCB Designs

I connected with Fenstermann through Houzz. I was searching for a better window covering option for clients building a Modern Farmhouse in Austin, TX. We decided on a linen-like pleated shade and absolutely love them! The order was accurate, arrived quickly considering it is made in Germany and shipped in, and installation was a breeze! Fenstermann pleated and roller shades are my Go-To products now!

Kim Anderson

I highly recommend Fenstermann. The quality of the blinds is outstanding: solid hardware, heavy-quality materials; it is German-made after all. Ingo was very helpful throughout the process of measuring and installing. We actually "face-timed" so he could show me exactly how to measure and then again to show me how to install (the included, written instructions were difficult for me to understand). We have used them for 2 separate projects and will definitely use them again for any other future blinds needs.


I am a general contractor and I met Ingo at Fenstermann LLC around 10 to 12 years ago. Ever since then, I have worked with him on numerous projects. Working with Ingo was satisfying each and every time due to his effieciency and high quality product. During the projects we collaborated on, the products we purchased included windows, doors, and window shades. Overall, I can confidently say that I highly recommend Fenstermann for any upcoming future projects.


I had been looking for a couple of years to find an inside mount shade on our very shallow window frame that could slide both up and down for privacy in our guest bathroom while not hiding the window moulding. I nearly gave up and was about to frost the window when I finally found this company on Houzz. Ingo, the owner of the company, was a pleasure to work with, sent me high quality swatches, and even offered to Skype or FaceTime to walk us through installation. It wasn't necessary - Installation was very easy and the shades look and work great. The material choices are excellent. Highly, highly recommend.


Ingo and his team of designers built our front door, and we are extremely happy. The front door is the most talked about feature in the home. We had a very tough deadline and Ingo had no problem meeting it. He was very pleasant to deal with and got us through a very stressful process. We are happy that we chose Ingo.


As a result of a question I posted on Houzz, David Hill of Fenstermann LLC answered my post and was able to assist me in solving a very unusual and difficult window treatment dilemma all the way from the West coast, while I am located on the East coast! He willingly worked with my local blind installer and kept in constant contact by phone and email to be certain measurements, etc were all correct. He even sent me fabric samples and gave me great advice on my selection. We are extremely pleased with the service, quality of the product and professionalism we received from this company and David Hill in particular!

Sandra Garcia

Beverly Hills

Thanks so much Ingo. We love our new shades.

Carol Munson


We are VERY happy with the blinds from Fenstermann. They all fit and look totally beautiful.

Michelle and Dave Martin

Lake City

We just installed eight sets of Fenstermann pleated shades in our new windows. They were the only product I found narrow enough to fit within the wood frames. Ingo was a great help, as were his Youtube videos, and installation was a breeze. They look and work great! A really unique concept in shades.

Brett Stevens

Beverly Hills

Fenstermann or nothing!

Cathy Gere

San Diego

The windows look fantastic.

Kathe LaMantia

Buffton, SC

As a result of a question I posted on Houzz, David Hill of Fenstermann LLC answered my post and was able to assist me in solving a very unusual and difficult window treatment dilemma all the way from the West coast, while I am located on the East coast! He willingly worked with my local blind installer and kept in constant contact by phone and email to be certain measurements, etc were all correct. He even sent me fabric samples and gave me great advice on my selection. We are extremely pleased with the service, quality of the product and professionalism we received from this company and David Hill in particular!

Vladimir Parizhasky

Upper West Side, Manhattan

I could not imagine how anything could have been done better, either in the quality of the windows, or in the timeliness and the quality of support. Thank you Fenstermann.

Nejo and Cathia N

LA County

It was a pleasure doing business with you. We thank you for your punctuality, your professionalism and above all bringing to the USA these wonderful products from Germany. We love our shades. They are the finishing touch to the office, the two bathrooms and the guest bedroom. Not only do they look wonderful from the inside as well as from the outside but they are very functional and easy to use. We are looking forward to doing further business with you and hopefully sending you many referrals.

Darren Bradbury

Pinnacle Custom Homes Inc, Costa Mesa CA

The homeowner loves the door and it was an easy process to purchase and have the door installed.

Angela Erwin

Excellent product and overall service. These blinds met our needs for a very narrow window frame. Easy company to work with.

Tim Pinkney

We wanted to find blinds that would fit inside our very shallow window frames. After looking for a long time, we finally found Fenstermann. Ingo helped us pick out some blinds that look great and fit our windows perfectly!

M Buscher

Ingo was super helpful in the selection of blinds and their colors. He responded very quickly and thoroughly to all our inquiries. The product was delivered as promised and was of perfect quality. Installation was as easy as the video tutorials suggested. We are very pleased customers of Fensterman LLC.

Matt Sisto

I have never posted before, and I am posting today to endorse Ingo and Fenstermann. I found Fenstermann while looking for very narrow-depth shades. I had just finished painting our trim white. We had honeycomb shades mounted to the outside of the frame before, which came with the house, but we liked the white trim and didn't want the shades to cover it. The problem was a piece of quarter-round, installed last time the windows were replaced, which left me with only 1/2" clearance to install shades on the inside of the jam. I read here that a few others had success with Fenstermann and, given the lack of other options (I searched pretty hard), I decided to email Ingo. He replied quickly and was super helpful from the very beginning. After a quick back-and-forth around style preferences, Ingo sent us three books of samples. A few weeks later, we took one last measurement and placed our order. I will admit, at this point I was a little nervous. The product isn't cheap, and there isn't much information about Fenstermann available online. Their website is not great. The only evidence I had to go on that this was a legit business was very few Houzz reviews and some old, grainy (and, it turns out, helpful) videos of Ingo on YouTube. It took about 6 weeks for the shades to arrive, which is exactly when Ingo told me they would arrive. If I understand correctly, shipping from Germany is expensive, so they bundle orders together into two shipments per month. When they arrive in the states, Ingo ships them out to customers. When it came time to install the shades, I wasn't sure how it would go. 1/2" is not a lot of room to work with and I am no pro. The first two boxes of shades didn't contain installation instructions, so I pulled up one of those old YouTube videos to follow along. I had a few questions, which Ingo responded to before I even had time to become impatient and charge ahead. The installation itself was surprisingly simple and clean. The installation instructions wound up being in the third box, but by then I didn't need them. There is another small piece of hardware I could have used to give the shades even more clearance, but I wanted them shades as recessed as possible, so I didn't use it. I'm kind dazzled by the engineering of these things. I never expected to get top-down/bottom-up shades in my situation, so that is a great bonus. The mounting brackets and cords are basically invisible unless you are looking for them. The shades stick out about 1/2", which was expected given the available depth. I don't care. It looks great. We're so happy we found Fenstermann. I can't wait to order more shades from Ingo!

Rita Fleshman

We are very happy with the window blinds we ordered. They were easy to install and fit perfectly. We have casement windows with a narrow width for inside mount and these blinds worked great. We will likely be placing another order soon for another bedroom.


I discovered Fenstermann products at a home show about 10 years ago. We selected several products which have been attractive abd reliable. When it came time to replace, we immediately selected Fenstermann products. Our experience from ordering to installation has been seamless.

Susan Guenter

Was having some problem finding a window treatment for our tilt and turn windows. A friend found this company and we were able to finally find something that would work for us. Ingo was very easy to work with and made everything simple. Love the product!

Jim Markus

We are extremely pleased with our blinds from Fenstermann. Ingo was very cooperative and responsive to our many questions. After failing to get a good sample from the Website, Ingo mailed several samples to us. The effort was worth it. After we get the rest of the windows replaced we'll get more

Sanjay Sahani

I purchased some blinds from them and quality of the product is great and looks super nice on the windows. Light weight easy to install and looks cool.

Paula Black

I was looking for shades for my new double hung marvin windows. I needed to match the main window shades that I purchased with my casement windows. Fenstermann is great to work with and I love my shades. No strings in the view. Easy to install. I actually received the incorrect brackets at first but reached out and they sent the correct ones immediately. I would highly recommend Fenstermann.

Tri Luong

If you have tilt turn windows this company provides the blinds you need. I was searching for a low profile shade that I could install within the frame of the window(not the window frame). Due to the nature of TILt turn windows I could neither mount the shade within the window frame or outside of it as it would render my tilt turn windows useless. I was looking everywhere for something that would fit. Every blind company needs at least 2 inches to mount. These fenstermann blinds can be mounted with .75 clearance. These blinds are not cheap. But to achieve the clean look with tilt turns it was a necessity. And the customer service is great. Ingo assured me through out the process.

Lessler's Draperies & Design Inc.

Fenstermann is a dream company to work with. We offer their products because they are very responsive, and always make sure to take care of any issues that come up (although they don't really). We trust this company and their President, Ingo, with any of our special projects that we take on. If you come by our showroom, the first thing that you will see (or have seen over the years) is a Fenstermann shade, proudly displayed on our front door.

Tina Kuske

I had Fenstermann LLC install custom made blinds on my screened in porch - the quality of the product as well as the installation is quality work. In addition to that they matched the color of the blinds exactly to my outdoor furniture "green". I can only highly recommend them. If you would like quality work and excellent customer service!

Kindred Architecture Works

I found Fenstermann when looking for clean, modern window treatments for tilt and turn windows. I contacted Ingo, and he immediately sent samples of the pleated blinds in every color imaginable. Ingo was very helpful with all the logistics of the purchase. I ordered the blinds in a different color/texture for each room. The bold colors are especially great. I would recommend these blinds for any type of window, but they are really perfect for tilt and turns.


I needed low-profile (3/4-inch depth) blinds to fit in my 7 large aluminum framed windows and doors. Found Fenstermann and contacted Ingo, who answered some questions on how I could install them and sent a representative with fabric samples to my place in Brooklyn, who measured the windows. A few weeks later, I received the blinds, and they are exactly what I hoped for. The fabrics are perfect and they look great. They were fairly easy to install and function well. I'm so happy with the whole process and results!

Laura Gordon

I recommend Fenstermann shades and Ingo without hesitation. I live in an older home and had trouble finding local installers with products that would fit my narrow window frames. The process was efficient and no surprises along the way. Ingo responded quickly to any inquiry. I ordered shades for 11 windows and all arrived with the correct measurements and sooner than expected. The payment was not taken until shades arrived. Installation was quite easy, and I am pleased with the quality of the product.

Home Remedies

Fenstermann shades are the perfect solution for shallow windows, as well as the super cool tilt and turn windows. Fenstermann is great to work with and all of my customers have been very pleased. -Rachel, Home Remedies, Portland ME

Gabriela P-J

We have the German-type Tilt & Turn windows in our newly built house. We needed to find blinds that would only cover the glass and not prevent us from using the tilt & turn the function of the windows. We found Fensterman and Ingo Scholz, dilemma solved! There are a large variety, including fabrics, colors, of blinds available. Ingo was a constant help in getting the right measurements of the windows. After placing our order, we expected a long delivery time and were pleasantly surprised when the blinds arrived in a few weeks. A friend installed the blinds without any problems. Considering the wonderful customer service we received from Ingo Scholz, we regret not having ordered our windows through him as well.

ArcTech Strategies

We just installed eight sets of Fensterman pleated shades in our new windows. They were the only product I found narrow enough to fit within the wood frames. Ingo was a great help, as were his YouTube videos, and installation was a breeze. They look and work great! A really unique concept in shades.


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