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Nature is the best and most efficient builder and bees are a role model for our honeycomb shades. Thanks to two connected layers of fabric, the punched holes and cords are elegantly concealed. And due to the internal, insulating air pockets and high reflection, you can save energy in the most beautiful way.

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer: with our honeycomb shades you are opting for genuine energy savings, perfect privacy, sun protection and an overall improved room atmosphere. Honeycombed air pockets insulate your room against the heat or cold and provide acoustic peace and quiet by absorbing sound. With only 1 inch in depth, they are perfect for an inside mount installation. Functional, practical, and beautiful at once.

Honeycomb shades are true all-rounders when it comes to mood- setting window decoration. As well as their decorative benefits, they come with a whole range of functional and energy efficient extras as a privacy shield and sunlight protection.

Visually, honeycomb shades score points with their almost limitless design possibilities. Thanks to their invisible cords and no obvious punched holes, their designs can be enjoyed to their full effect. Depending on the selected fabrics and their various functions, they provide classic, modern, or playful accents, they can also set the mood by immersing rooms in diverse lights or darkening them.

Honeycomb shades demonstrate their full capabilities when you take a closer look at their functionality. The air pockets of the fabric improve almost every window that they shade – they help insulating from heat or cold as well as improving the indoor acoustic by filtering and absorbing sound waves. The overall room climate and feel improves with bottom-up top-down honeycomb shades from Fenstermann.



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